My 2021 Swim Goal – 115 miles

Here’s an update of my swimming distance goal for 2021 and how much I’m aiming to swim in the remainder of this month to achieve it.

Swimming Goal – 115 miles for 2021
(6 months from June – December)

115 miles = 185,075 metres

Swimming completed as at 9th December = 166,050 metres

Swimming metres remaining = 19,025 metres
Swimming sessions remaining = x 7

7 x 2,700m each time = 18,900 metres
Leaving 125m remaining (across 7 sessions)

So in my 7 sessions remaining in December, if I swim a minimum of 2,700m each time, and do 125m extra, I’ll reach my goal of 115 miles or 185,075 metres / 115 miles for the year!

Looking towards the end of the year, if all goes to plan it will be a total of:

5,687 lengths of the pools I’ve been swimming in (I’m at 4,980 so far) and

14 open water swims, averaging around 2,200m / 50 mins each time.

It’s been great to have got back into swimming again and I’m looking forward to more pool and open water swimming and events in 2022.

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