Inspired by the Tabata principle / Circuits / Cardio Strength Training by Robert dos Remedios, where you work as hard as you can for 20 seconds then rest for 10 seconds and repeat (up to 8 times), I’m trying my own interval/circuit training as part of my exercise routine.  (Which also gets me the chance to avoid the busy gym with too many people in it!)

Here are some example workouts:
Crazy Intense Circuits for Carole (current)
Lorn’s Crazy Intense Circuits (current)
Even More Crazy Intense Circuits (current)

Lorn’s Intense Interval Circuits
Lorn’s Intense Crazy Circuits II
Tabata Circuits 2
Tabata Circuits 3

Tabata Circuits 4
Kettlebell Circuits 1
Kettlebell Circuits 2 (30:30)

Kettlebell Circuits 3
Bodyweight Circuits 1
Bodyweight Circuits 2

What is Tabata training?

Tabata Training was developed by Dr. Izumi Tabata in Tokyo, he researched that you can get maximal anerobic and aerobic benefits from a short and simple workout which can be done with a variety of exercises.

The idea of Tabatas are that you work for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 and repeat a further 7 times.  4 minutes of exercise which should, by the end of it have you puffed out.  And if you do this say… 10 times with varying exercises you should, by the end of it collapse into a great heap by the end!

Proven Benefits

– A hugely effective fat burner, due to effect on the metabolism and ‘afterburn’.
– Releases anabolic hormones thanks to Lactic acid release in muscles.
– Short and effective workouts are ideal for those who have limited time to workout.
– Can be done anywhere with anything from bodyweight, free weights & kettlebells.
– Highly adaptable and challenging leading to less bordom/body getting used to workouts compared to repeated gym workout routines.

My Interval Training
I’m replacing my hour long weights workouts in the gym with interval training with bodyweight (BW), free weights (FW), kettlebell (KB) and barbell (BB) workouts.  I’ll continue all of my other activities including running, spinning, swimming, cycling and walking.

The reason for me changing my weights routine partly because the gym can by busy meaning I can’t get the weights/machines I want and partly because I want to try something new and shake up my training.

The aim of my circuit training is to do 10 exercises and repeat each up to 8 times in my workout.  I’m calling my workouts circuits and not Tabatas as in Tabatas you work as hard as you can pushing your heart rate up to it’s max.  Some of my exercises do not lend themselves to this principle (ie all out effort), but I’m including them as I want to work that part of the body (more like circuits).

Prior to interval training a 5-10 minute warm up should be done.  I started with 20 minute circuit sessions and want to increase these to 60 minutes over time.

My circuit training consists of the following:

Choose 10 varied exercises:
Full Body, Legs, Chest, Back, Biceps, Triceps, Shoulders, Abs, Sprinting, Indoor Cycling.
Then choose the:
Type of workout (equipment): Bodyweight, Freeweights, Kettlebell, Barbell (list below)
Work to rest ratio (2:1): 20:10, 30:15, 40:20, 60:30, 90:45, 120:60.
Amount of repetitions: 2,4,6,8
This will give you a set time that you will interval train for, examples:

20 mins: 10 FW exercises, 4 reps, 20:10 work:rest.
30 mins: 10 BB exercises, 6 reps, 20:10 work:rest.
40 mins: 10 KB exercises, 8 reps, 20:10 work:rest.

30 mins: 10 BW exercises, 4 reps, 30:15 work:rest.
45 mins: 10 FW & BW exercises, 6 reps, 30:15 work:rest.
60 mins: 10 KB exercises, 8 reps, 30:15 work:rest.

10 mins: 10 repetitions sprinting, 40:20 work:rest.
15 mins: 10 repetitions sprinting, 60:30 work:rest.
20 mins: 20 repetitions sprinting, 40:20 work:rest.
25 mins: 10 repetitions sprinting, 120:60 work:rest.

I’ve tried 40:20 and 20:10 intervals and I’ve decided that I’m going to do 30:15 intervals.

30:15 challenges me to work hard but still allows me to push myself to do more intervals.  I just need to get the repetitions up to 8 for each exercise to make an hour of a tough interval workout!

Finally, I got the iPhone App Tabata HIIT that allows you to input your routines, work:rest ratios, number of reps and times you throughout your workouts.

2 Responses to Circuits

  1. Danielle says:

    Hi Lorn, Do you have the above spreadsheet in an excel format?

  2. lornpearson says:

    In might well do, I’ll have a look and see. It was a while back so I might not have it. I’ll let you know.

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