Super Lean: 1. Nutrition


Nutrition is the provision of the materials necessary
(in the form of food and liquid) to support and sustain life.

Achieving leanness, fitness and health requires both healthy eating to get the most nutrition from your what you consume and consistent exercise to help burn calories and build muscle.

Nutrition should be about fueling your body to get the most from it, and being conscious about what you are putting in so that you get good results and what you want out.  It should not be about starving, restrictions and diets.  Diets, especially those that restrict calories or food groups, don’t work in the long term. Eating and drinking healthily works.

To eat healthily: eat foods that are rich in water, protein and fibre.  Eat foods that are full of nutrition and colour and don’t eat foods that are full of sugar and starches.

Potatoes and white bread can taste great, but there isn’t a lot of nutrition in them.  Your body would be better off with non-starchy vegetables or salad which are packed full of nutrients.  If in doubt, go for salad or non-starchy veg and make the foods on your plate colourful and varied. It’s not about ‘cutting carbs’, it’s about getting your carbs from non-starchy and nutrient rich foods and having a nutritious and balanced diet.

There are three phases to the nutrition side of my Super Lean Regime, and one initial phase which I’ll call Phase Zero.


The key phases in the Nutrition section of the Super Lean Regime are:

PHASE ZERO: Get Ready & Learn How to Eat Smart
Before you start and as you continue.

PHASE ONE: Make Improvements to Your Nutrition
Weeks 1–4 of the Super Lean Routine and as you continue.

PHASE TWO: Improve Nutrient Timing
Weeks 5-8 of the Super Lean Routine and as you continue.

PHASE THREE: Smarter Supplements
Weeks 9-12 of the Super Lean Routine and as you continue.

There’s also a bit on why Diets and diet pills don’t work,
and the Super Lean Nutrition Plan.

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