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Ditch the fizzy drinks and drink water instead…

I’ve posted about me not drinking fizzy drinks and drinking water instead, before: Why I don’t drink Diet Coke or Coffee anymore… Water & Hydration However I came across this the other day in the Metro: It’s common sense really… but … Continue reading

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Anyone fancy cucumber water?

I fancied trying to make water taste a bit different and came up with this simple idea: Put cucumber in water to make cucumber water. 🙂 Here’s what you do: Cut up 4-8 slices of cucumber. Put it into a bottle of water. … Continue reading

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New 3000m Swim Sessions

I’ve created myself some new 3000m swim sessions.  🙂  They include a 1 mile time trial once every 6 weeks, and 10 sessions which I’ll do one after the other. Since I’ve been going along to the pool with Fit … Continue reading

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Wk45 – 3000m swim and ‘Run Tomas Run’?

Tuesday night and I got picked up from work and taken to Bella pool. The plan was to do Swim Session 11, then run home, taking a long route of about 7 miles. The swim went fine, I was concentrating … Continue reading

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Rest and recovery :-)

I think I might have my training plan of 1 week of lots of running miles, and the next week as recovery, spot on. Two days later, after my 4 hour run on Saturday, I feel rather tired today. I don’t … Continue reading

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Wk42 – 4.25M walk around the Clyde

Wednesday night after work I went for a walk along the Clyde with FG before it got dark. We won’t be able to do it as of next week so we took the opportunity whilst we could.   There was a heavy downpour at … Continue reading

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50 Weight Loss Tips

Need to shift a few pounds? Make these easy changes to your diet – and watch the fat fall off! 1 Swap your regular cheese for goat’s cheese. It’s 40 per cent lower in calories than the stuff made from … Continue reading

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800 days off the booze

Today I am 800 days off the booze!  I don’t particularly like the word teetotal, but that’s what I’ve become. I don’t in anyway want to push this way of life onto others, but I am so so glad I’ve … Continue reading

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Taking control of a healthy way of eating

I met up with a good friend of mine at the weekend.  She told me that she was on the ‘Slimming World’ diet and that just about everything she at had a ‘syn’ value (which quite honestly stunned me).   It … Continue reading

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Mashed Potato, Oat and Honey mix

Ok, so I read somewhere that runners who do Ultra marathons tend to rely on actual food to fuel their runs, instead of just gels and energy drinks (like I have done for training for and completing marathon distances). As … Continue reading

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