Winter Training Plan

Now that I’m back, here’s the plan until the end of the year. I have the Southside 6 in three weeks time, so need to build up from zero to around 15 miles before then.

I’ll do around 3-4 runs a week, focusing on building my endurance and fitness up again, and cross train with 1 swim and 1-2 strength sessions (with lighting weights, building that up again too).

Then after the SS6, I’ll train to run a half marathon before the end of the year and focus more on strength training (with swimming and running as cross training).

Here’s my sort of flexible weekly plan:

Weekly Training

Mon: AM Swim / PM Strength
Tue: AM Run / PM Rest
Wed: AM Strength (or swim) / PM Run
Thu: AM Run / PM Rest
Fri: AM Strength (or run/swim) / PM Rest
Sat: AM Run & Strength (or Long Run)
Sun: Swim or Run or Rest

4 Weekly Training

6 Oct – Rest week – no training
13 Oct – 3-4 runs (incl 9M), 1 swim, 1 strength
20 Oct – 3-4 runs (incl 12M), 1-2 swims, 2 strength
27 Oct – 3 runs (incl SS6), 1-2 swims, 2 strength

3 Nov – 3 runs (incl 8M), 1-2 swims, 3 strength
10 Nov – 3 runs (incl 10M), 1-2 swims, 4 strength
17 Nov – 3 runs (incl 13.1M), 1-2 swims, 4 strength
24 Nov – 3 runs (incl 6M), 1-2 swims, 3 strength

1 Dec – 3 runs (incl 9M), 1-2 swims, 4 strength
8 Dec – 3 runs (incl 11M), 1-2 swims, 4 strength
15 Dec – 3 runs (incl 13.1M), 1-2 swims, 2-3 strength
22 Dec – Rest week – some training

My goals are to

1. Get my cardio fitness and endurance back.
2. Build up strength.
3. Be more consistent with training and nutrition.

Aside of them I’ll:
1. Monitor my body fat (and weight) throughout, using withings.
2. Run with others.
3. Help Fit Girl train to do her first half marathon.


This week, to get into it after 2-3 weeks off, I’m going to do:

Mon: 10k easy run
Tue: Rest
Wed AM: 2000m swim PM: 4M run wi Fit Girl
Thu AM: 5M run wi Gill
Fri AM: 9M slow run
Sat: Strength & Run
Sun: Rest

I’ll follow the strength training and nutrition guidelines of this page here.

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