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Wk16 – 10.36M with 10k route included

Thursday was a day off from work and the sun was splitting the skies.  I went out for my run just after 9am.  I was going to do about 10.5 miles, and the route would include the route of the … Continue reading

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Running Playlist for 10k **amended**

I’ve updated my running playlist for the 10k… I took out Snow Patrol (Chocolate) and Pink (Who Knew) and added in a new Foo Fighters one (These Days) and Jessie Js (Price Tag): I’ve also increased the song list to … Continue reading

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10.5 mile route

Here’s a route I plan to do this week: 10.5M incl women’s 10k route

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Wk16 – Double Spinfit

Tuesday night and everything was still sore, my hamstrings especially. Sore hands and forearms, I even found it hard to squeeze a squeeze mayonnaise bottle earlier. Lol. Luckily I didn’t really need to use my hands or arms. The only … Continue reading

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Wk16 – 4.3M morning run

Having spent 6 hours working in the garden yesterday… a workout I am definately not used to… I was in two minds as to whether I should go for a run this morning or not. I had sore feet from … Continue reading

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Wk15 – 5k PB Race Pace Tempo run

With the 10k coming up in 2 weeks, I’m trying to think about what pace I want to run it at. I’ve been working so hard all year on marathon training, and a slower pace that I haven’t really pushed … Continue reading

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Wk15 – 11M with Julie Ann

Saturday morning and I had planned an 8-12 mile run with Julie Ann out at hers in Houston. I got there for just before 9am. I hadn’t had my usual caffeine lucozade I have before long runs as we had … Continue reading

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Running Playlist for 10k

I’ve got a playlist together for the 10k… about 45-50 minutes of my favourite songs to run to… hopefully they’ll help me to get a sub 45( (!!) 10k.  If I get anything under 48 minutes I’ll be happy, but … Continue reading

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WK15 – 5M Pollock Park with Gill

Thursday night was a nice wee 5 mile run with Gill. We ran from Ibrox up Haggs Road into Pollock Park, up and down ‘that’ hill and out the park the other exit. Gill has done a marathon in the … Continue reading

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Wk15 – 10k speed session, plus 1.4M cool down

Thursday morning and I managed to get out of my bed for about 6:20am. I was out the door for 6:40am and the weather wasn’t as pleasant as the night before.  A little cloudy, but not too chilly.  Loving this … Continue reading

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