Super Lean Nutrition Plan

To do the Super Lean Nutrition Plan, follow the 4 steps below:

  1. Phase Zero: Eat Smart & Improve should be done before you start, and throughout the duration of the 12 weeks.
  2. Phase One: 10 Food Substitutions Do Phase One in the first 4 weeks, make little changes each day or week to improve your nutrition.
  3. Phase Two: 8 Ways to Improve Nutrient Timing Phase Two builds on phase one and is done in week 5-8, improve when and how you eat.
  4. Phase Three: 7 Super Supplements Phase Three builds on phase two and is done in weeks 9-12, continue improving your nutrition and consider smarter supplements.


Super Lean 1: Nutrition
Diets & Diet Pills Don’t Work
Super Lean Nutrition Plan


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