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Spring 2017 training plan

The last week of 2016 was a bit of a scrabble for me, a scrabble to get my annual mileage rounded up to 1050 miles. It meant me running about 25 miles over 5 runs, and gave me the big … Continue reading

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Training Plan for Half Marathon & the rest – Q1 2015

Having entered the Balloch to Clydebank Half Marathon which takes place on the 8th March, in around 8-9 weeks time, and the fact that I’m back to work this week – I thought it would be an idea to set … Continue reading

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Building back into it plan Winter 2014

So, after the bump, and the rather challenging start to the week I’ve had, I’ve decided to take some time out from training – a week to be precise.  A chance for me to settle down and get plenty of sleep … Continue reading

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5 week advanced 10k plan

This 5 week 10k plan is aimed at the advanced runner – a runner who is aiming to beat their PB, or do a good 10k run in 5 weeks time. I made it for Fit Girl – so it … Continue reading

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10 week beginner plan: 0 to 5k to 10k!

I thought I’d share a simple and progressive zero to 5k to 10k training plan with you. 🙂 It’s a 10 week plan, split into 2 x 5 week blocks: Weeks 1-5 – Zero to 5k. Walk / Running. (or … Continue reading

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13 week marathon training plan

On the 5th May 2014, I’m running the Belfast Marathon.  🙂 With 13 weeks to go, I’ve got the following training plan together: A mixture of running, swimming, strength and rest along with a few trips with work… I’m planning … Continue reading

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Run Stronger, Get Faster – Training Plans

I get a lot of queries from people who want to get faster. If you know me, you’ll know that getting faster isn’t necessarily a focus of mine, but I’ve done it and more importantly, I know how to help … Continue reading

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