6 Week Marathon Training Plan

One of my amazing Kaizen Runners from our Kaizen Run Club has got a sort of last minute place in the Edinburgh Marathon, and with around 6 weeks to go he’s decided to go for it. 🙂

Suleman is going to run 26.2 miles on the 26th May, and he is going to spend the next 6 weeks building up to it. (Here’s Sule with Bushra and Pauline: other Kaizen Runners).

I’ve made a simple training plan for him to follow. Here’s what it entails, with the progressively long, long run being the most important part of his training:

3 runs a week
Rest day after long run and effective run
Eat, Fuel and hydrate for your run
Take plenty of rest, reduce cross training, focus on running.
Get plenty of sleep.

15/4: 6 weeks to go
Easy: 5 miles
Effective: 10k push it a little
Long: 19 miles easy / long

22/4: 5 weeks to go
Easy: 8 miles
Effective: 45-60 mins hills
Long: 21 miles easy / long

29/4: 4 weeks to go
Easy: 7 miles
Effective: 45-60 mins speedwork
Long: 23 miles easy / long

6/5: 3 weeks to go
Easy: 6 miles
Effective: 5 miles tempo (push it)
Long: 18 miles easy / long

13/5: 2 weeks to go: TAPER
Easy: 6 miles
Effective: 45-60 mins speedwork
Long: 10 miles easy

20/5: 1 week to go: TAPER
Easy: 7 miles
Easy: 5 miles
MARATHON: 26.2 miles

Sule has a great story, he start running in around October last year with Kaizen Run Club and he hasn’t looked back since. He’s completed a 10k event and more recently ran the Kilamothon in just over an hour. And he just did his longest run yet, just over 19 miles, on Tuesday (16th April).

Good luck Sule! I’m sure you’ll do brilliantly!

Want to know more about joining our brilliant and friendly Running Club?
See below, it’d be great to see you come along!

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