Wk26 & 27 into Wk28 & 29

I’ve not written one of these for a while, but I’ve been keeping on top of regular training, swimming, running, strength and rest.

I had a good couple of weeks in the last few weeks.. a good balance of training and rest, ticking along with regular swimming, and a bit of running. I’ve not really been in the right mindset to be doing strength training, but I think I have a fix for that.

I’m liking the warm weather, and the ice cream. And this weekend we had a few nice walks. We also had a good short run on Saturday.

On Tuesday I did this swim session:

Playing about with manse stroke rate and decreasing it and increasing it. It’ll be what I do with the swimmers at Bishopbriggs on Monday morning.

Friday I did a good threshold session including a few repeats of 300m, pull, swim etc.

And today at Tollcross I swam the furthest I’ve swum in an hour session in the pool – helped by wearing fins for a mile (32 x 50m).

The weather was really good and we took a picnic on a walk… 4km today, 2.7km yesterday (and the big ice cream above).

Today I managed to do my fastest mile in the 50m pool that I’ve recorded. Nice to see the work / training paying off. I felt good too.

I had another ice cream today – a berry solero, sitting in the sun, in the nicely manicured garden (done by Fit Girl yesterday).

So here’s my activity etc for the last 7 days… I swam further than I walked or ran. My steps are away down, but I’m not running as much and less walking due to working from home.

Here’s the training I’ve been doing in the last two weeks. I’ve been careful to take rest when I’ve needed it, so I’ve had more rest days than usual.

But I’m still keeping up my swimming, and plan to try to get back into the gym next week. I find that I am very motivated to do it on a Monday morning after coaching and before work, so I’ll try to get back into that routine again.

Running is easy to get out on, so I can do that any day. I’m in Dundee on Thursday this week, so that’ll be a rest day / walking, then swimming and running will be around that. I’m off next Monday, so will do my Sunday outdoor swim, on Monday instead.

Oh and I got these nice comfy flip flops. And I also recently upgraded my run watch and swim watch (both garmins) to the Garmin Forerunner 255 – it’s a great watch.

I’m selling my Garmin Swim 2, so if you would like to buy it, let me know lorn@lornpearsontrains.co.uk (it’s a year old, in excellent condition and comes with the original box, instructions and power cable).

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