Run Workouts

Once you get past the beginner stage of running, and you can run for more than 20 minutes you can introduce different types of running workouts into your routine.


There are four main types of runs:

  • The Long Run is done at a steady pace after which one should be tired but not exhausted. Depending on the runner’s experience, and objectives, the distance can be progressively increased until an optimum distance is reached. This run can be on / off road.
  • The Hard Run is run much harder on a hilly route or, much quicker on a gentle undulating route. The distance should be about half the Long Run distance. This run can be done on / off road. One should feel more tired after this run and should take adequate recovery time after it.
  • The Quality Run is concerned with real speed and can be done on level roads or paths. Alternatively it could incorporate a track session at a local running track.  Tempo or Speed workout.
  • The Easy Run is primarily a recovery run but still putting miles in the legs. Use it to concentrate on running style and technique. Nice and steady, able to hold a conversation and smile.  🙂

Everyone is different, but I suggest running 3 times a week, with an additional run (or more) if you wish:

  • 1 easy run
  • 1 hard / quality run
  • 1 long run
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