You can become Super Lean

The best way to become Super Lean is to starve not your whole body (as in dieting) but to starve only your fat stores, while at the same time nourishing your muscles. 

Make becoming Super Lean a lifestyle choice:
part of who you are: a habit, and a way of being.

It doesn’t need to be too complicated to become Super Lean, you can do it by:

1. Following my Super Lean Regime and Super Lean  Training Plan.

2. Eating more foods that promote muscle development.

3. Cutting back on foods that promote fat storage.

4. Timing your meals to promote muscle development and prevent fat storage. 

5. Exercising to burn body fat.

6. Exercising to develop muscle tone.

Only a combination of healthy eating and exercise (cardio and strength training), which is the essence of my Super Lean Routine, can truly optimise your body composition and let the Super Lean Athlete inside of you out to play.

Are you ready for the challenge of my Super Lean Regime?

If so, read on here:

Lorn’s Super Lean Regime
Lorn’s Super Lean Plan

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