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9 days to go… taper

Well seeing I’m tapering this week… today year end… 31st March… I was at work for… 12.5 hours. Arg.  Finishing something off that’s needed for tomorrow. I might run tomorrow morning, I’ll see how I’m feeling. But I have 8 … Continue reading

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Carb Loading

You may have heard of carbohydrate-loading (carbo-loading) and many runners presume that they ought to be eating lots of rice, potatoes and pasta before a competition that requires long-distance running endurance. What’s really important though is the type of running event … Continue reading

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Do I use Dioralyte on race day or not??

So… I know I need to stay hydrated on a run… and on e along run, I need energy too. My energy plans so far in training have included: Before: Porridge & 250mls Fresh Orange Juice. Caffeine Lucozade and Caffeine … Continue reading

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Wk12 – 10k Wednesday…

Wednesday night and it was my 4th 10k with my friend who is trying to come back from injury and do a good 10k in May.  It was a pleasant night, although it had been raining when I walked home. … Continue reading

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Wk12 – Double Spinfit

Tuesday night = double spinfit.  I didn’t go last week because of my cold, but this week I felt ok.  I started on a course of Penicillin the Dr prescribed and so far I’m not feeling much better, but I’m not … Continue reading

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Wk12 plan…

Here’s the plan for this week, bearing in mind I’m still tapering (and trying to clear this cold)… Mon: 4M run easy Tue: Double Spinfit with Helen Wed: 10k run steady Thu: AM 5M fartlek/tempo Fri: Rest Sat: 8M long … Continue reading

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Wk12 – 4M easy run around Clyde bridges

Monday night and I kind of wasn’t in the mood for a run, but as usual, I was glad I went.  I went to the Drs after work.  My cold has been hanging around for a fortnight now… and although … Continue reading

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10k and Half Marathon training plans

One of my friends asked me if I knew any links to training plans for half marathons … of course I do… there’s the City Runs plans, the Runners World plans, the Jog Scotland plans, the Running Network plans, the … Continue reading

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Using Garmin to update your Nike+ runs….

Miss a run by not wearing your Nike+ sensor?  Or has your Nike+ sensor stopped part way through a run??  Or is your Nike+ reading for your run way out compared to your more accurate Garmin reading for that activity? … Continue reading

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W12 – 14M long run

I was looking forward to my long run this Saturday… shorter than normal it was planned to be 12 miles. I was running with my friend Jackie, who for a number of reasons I haven’t run with for ages. We … Continue reading

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