I use the indoor bike as an cross training alternative to running.  I use it when I’m injured and not able to run, or as an alternative form of cardio.

I use two types of bike:

  • the indoor Precor bike in the gym,
  • the Spin bike in a Spin Studio.

When I cycle, I do cardio training in the gym, and like to go to a double Spin class at Bellahouston with my favourite instructor Helen. 😀

I also have a Boardman Team bike for outside, which I used for the Triathlon I did in 2008.  Now I mainly use it for recreational bike rides and hire bikes when I’m on holiday to see more of my destination!

Here are the pages I have on Bike work:

Bike Workouts
Bike Training
Spin Workouts
What is Spin Fit?

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