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Help me: Should I run tomorrow morning?

There are Amber weather warnings out for tomorrow, Thursday morning (22nd).  It should be quite mild…10’C…but very windy and wet.  Christopher Blanchett was warning everyone on the News / Weather tonight. Forecast for Thursday Squally winds and heavy rain slowly … Continue reading

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Thursday Thoughts…

So it’s come to that time of the week for my Thursday thoughts… the end of my week has been overshadowed by the fact that I can’t help but take notice of the weather forecast for the weekend… for Saturday … Continue reading

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Top 10 ways to have a safe trail run

Part of proper running form on any type of terrain includes taking quick, compact and light strides.  This component of running mechanics is especially crucial when train running.  Stay light on your feet and try for a stride rate of … Continue reading

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Weather and route for my next long run

The weather on Saturday morning (29th October) is meant to be pouring rain (10’C ish) … although the forecast said that last week and it didn’t rain once! It will be my first proper run on the West Highland Way (as … Continue reading

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The night before the Great Scottish Run :-)

I’m ready. Ready for the Great Scottish Run and ready to fly out to Chicago on Monday.  I’ve got all my race stuff out ready and have packed my bags for the holiday. I’ve got a really busy day ahead … Continue reading

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Running in the rain anyone?

With Autumn just around the corner… well not really… but it seems to have been a bit of a wet Summer (and I got drenched last night on a run), I wanted to get some thoughts together on running in the … Continue reading

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Wk27 – 45 mins Bike Cruise Intervals

Monday morning… my second Monday morning in the gym on the bike.  Bike: 45 minutes, Level 10, Cruise Intervals 5 minute warm up (+80rpm) 7 x 4 mins (+90rpm) with 1 min rest (80rpm) 5 minute cool down I listened … Continue reading

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Weather for Saturday long run

On Saturday I’m planning on running from Glasgow to Greenock, and with the weather being SCORCHING today… I’m just checking what the weather is due to be like tomorrow morning between Glasgow and Greenock. Surprise surprise we only get one … Continue reading

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Wk20 – 4.3M Maxwell Park run in the rain

Back to a rainy Monday morning this week.  Watching the weather last night and it was just a torrent of water right across the West coast of Scotland.  I am back from my sunny holidays with a bump! I actually … Continue reading

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Things I’ve learned from running the marathon…

Always check what the weather is going to be like on race day I checked the weather in the week leading up to the race, but as I was away from home, I didn’t check it the day or night … Continue reading

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