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Secret addiction…

I once knew this girl who had a secret addiction and sometimes suffered from insomnia. It affected every single other part of her life. No matter how tired she was, or how much she tried, she couldn’t get to sleep. … Continue reading

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How to deal with injury constructively

So, you’re training for a big event… a run, big walk or triathlon… 6 weeks into your 12 week training plan… and ‘PING’ something goes. You’re injured and you need to reassess your training and goals.  I used to get … Continue reading

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If you smoke – give up!

I was walking on my way to work this morning and managed to catch up with a guy who was smoking.  Not only did he unknowingly blow his smoke in my face, he then proceeded to throw his cigarette butt … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Cancer Survivors and Exercise : by David Haas

I was recently contacted by a guy from New York called David Haas. He was asking if I would consider having a guest post on my blog which promoted how good exercise is for Cancer survivors.   😉 I’ve had … Continue reading

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Nearly there…

On Wednesday I went to the Drs and got some prescriptions to try and help clear this cold.  It’s turned into a nasty chest based cold… with a horrible cough to go with it.  It’s not nice.  I got a … Continue reading

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Wk8 – Spin Fit, Easy run & Otrivine kickback

Tuesday night was Helen’s first day back at spin fit since July last year. We used to go to a double spin fit class which Helen took on Tuesday nights, but she went and fell and broke her leg. Then … Continue reading

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