GSR Half Marathon 2012

I’ve entered the Great Scottish Run Half Marathon which takes place on the 2nd September 2012.

I’ve run the Great Scottish Run twice now, once in 2010 dressed as Supergirl and again in 2011 with a Saltire cape on my back (having completed the 10k before it!).

Race Report

Great Scottish Run 2012 Report

Top 10 tips 

GSR Half Marathon Top Ten Tips
Top 10 Tips for GSR for STV (incl pictures)
(Link to STV magazine with article published)

Other links

Q. How does pacing work in a Half Marathon?
I’m going to be a pacer at the GSR half marathon!
Pace band for 2:15…
All ready to go…for the GSR half marathon
Super Lorn Pacer at the Great Scottish Run
Amazing Margaret Maguire (aged 65)

Training Runs


Over the past few years, I’ve got a few training routes together which cover most of or all of the route.

I’d suggest covering the route 2-5 times before the actual event (see Specifity of Training as to why this is helpful):

Map & Elevation

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