What is Super Lean?

If being Lean is good, and if body fat is a good indicator of leanness, what is a good body fat percentage? And what is Super Lean?

If your body fat % goes down your weight tends to go down too, and your body composition changes.  Lower body fat is generally good and everyone can probably work to reduce their body fat with good nutrition and exercise.


There is no specific optimal body fat percentage for everyone.  It depends on your age, gender, genetics and other factors which all play a part in what your optimal body fat percentage should be.

The average woman has more body fat than the average man and body fat usually increases with age.  If you’re over 50 you could not expect to be able to get quite as lean as a 25 year old, and if you’re a man, you could expect to get leaner than a woman of the same age.

Scientists have come up with age and gender based healthy body fat percentage ranges based on correlations between various body fat percentages and risk for diseases linked to excess body fat.

Healthy body fat ranges for non athletes:

If your body fat is within or above the ranges above then you should aim to get to the lower number on the range for your age and sex.


Super Lean does not = Super Skinny, that’s not what we’re after with the Super Lean Regime.  We’re after strength, health, power and leanness.  We want you to get to your ideal shape: your Racing Weight: the body composition and weight you would be best to compete with others at.  Your optimal body composition.


Once you are at the bottom of the non athlete ranges above you can aim to become an athlete and set a target to get to your Racing Weight.
Look at and use the chart below:

For more information on Racing Weight, go here: https://lornpearsontrains.co.uk/healthy-living/target-weight-calculator/

It might not be possible to predict what your optimal body fat percentage will turn out to be, but if you follow my Super Lean Routine your body fat measurements will go down and will level off when it gets close to your ideal body fat measurement.  You just need to choose to eat well and exercise and follow the Super Lean Lifestyle forever and you will become Super Lean too. 🙂

See here for how to measure your body fat percentage and here for how to become Super Lean

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