Building back into it plan Winter 2014

IMG_9318So, after the bump, and the rather challenging start to the week I’ve had, I’ve decided to take some time out from training – a week to be precise.  A chance for me to settle down and get plenty of sleep and see if I can help get my BP back to a normal level for me and make sure I’m feeling ok.  

It’ll be nice to have a wee weekend wi Fit Girl after the waste that was last Saturday.  We had planned to go out for lunch here – Epicures of Hyndland, but the bump and hospital visit took over instead, so I spent the afternoon in bed instead. 

This weekend will consist of a lie in, eating out and relaxing before going for an easy run with my big brother on Sunday morning.  I’m going to show him how to run to his HR and keep it DOWN (keeping mine below 140, or 150 at the max). 



I’ve got an appointment with the Dr on Monday of next week, a wee check up to make sure all is ok.  I’m sure it will be.  My BP is up a bit and back to normal for me today – 106/67.  And I’m back on coffee and drinking and eating plenty.

I’m hoping he’ll maybe check my bloods, make sure everything is ok, and by then my blood pressure should be ok too hopefully.

LP-training-plan-keyAnyway, after the last few months of on and off training, I’m going to build back into it with the following plan.  No big long runs, but a main build up to 6 miles and them 8 miles by the end of the year.  Plus 2-3 strength sessions a week and the odd swim.  1-2 rest days a week:


Long run day will be either Saturday or Sunday, and if I run on the Saturday, I’ll not do strength, then take a rest day on the Sunday.  Friday will be my usual rest day unless I’m travelling with work (then I’ll make it Tuesday and mix it up a bit).

 The Strength training will be full body workouts, following these strength plans I’ve done before. Squats, Rows, Deadlifts, Shoulder Presses etc.

A nice week 8-9 week plan for me to follow and build everything back up in the lead up to Christmas. 🙂  Now, where’s my lunch?

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