Wk3 into Wks4 & 5

Last weeks training went well, I only missed off one planned session, the spin on Friday, to get a rest day in instead. By the end of todays I’ll have done 3 swims, 2 runs, 2 strength and had a rest day along with 2 hours of swim coaching.

After not doing much strength workout I had a little doms after Monday, so if I keep doing it 1-2 times a week, that should ease off. I did 30 mins with Sam on Apple Fitness on Monday, then I had some spare time on Saturday morning after my run and did 30 mins with Kyle for a good all over workout.

On Wednesday I had a bit of a scare, when I was on my run, I was running along fine for about 5k, then I felt something funny in my right ankle. It certainly didn’t feel right, so I stopped my run, over at the Squiggley Bridge and walked for a bit, but mmmmmm before running about half a mile home.

I decided to rest up from running til Saturday and see what was what… and it was perfectly fine, so who knows what it was. One to keep an eye on anyway. Lucky I’m not doing as much running!

I’m enjoying my new swim sessions, I have another one today where I’ll be testing myself over 750m x 3 – an endurance session. Bellahouston at the earlier time of 630am is working well for me to be ready for work early. The people (staff and other customers) are very friendly, and touch wood it’s not too busy. There’s generally only me abs one other in the lane, or two others at most.

Here’s my plan for the best two weeks:

With the caveat that I might take an extra rest day or two if I need it.

Now might be a good time to take stock of my weight… it’s stayed steady for a while now, up a few pounds in December into January, but back down again to where it was at around September October time.

The loss in 2021 was I think down to me deciding to try out 16:8 fasting, or at least to not eat on such a schedule of breakfast before work. I have breakfast when I’m hungry now, and that can be 10am or 12. I have a shake after a swim which usually keeps me going until lunchtime.

What else happened last week… yesterday I had a lovely chatty run with an ex colleague Victoria. I’m glad I got in touch with her for a run, she’s such a good person. So full of life and positive. It was good to run around the reservoir up at Milngavie too.

I’ll try and get some runs in with others in the next month or so too.

Last weekend I felt the weekend went in super fast, but this weekend seems a little more restful.

Oh and I’ve started the daily addiction that is wordle – any one else? https://www.powerlanguage.co.uk/wordle/

I think it’s pretty cool anyway. And I even have some tactics. Lol.

Here’s my swim bookings for next week:

And here’s the almost full moon from one morning last week at Bellahouston before a swim.

I’m here next weekend then away to see my Dad and step Mum the following weekend. So that will be nice.

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