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My Set Point?

I came across a rather strange thing the other day when I was looking at the data I’ve been recording about my weight and exercise for the last 6 years. It was kind of invoked by someone asking me if my … Continue reading

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How I got to where I am today: you can do it too

Super Fit Bit asked me the following questions the other day and I thought I’d answer them here: When you started training, what sequence you introduced activities? Did you start with just running and then move on to strength training … Continue reading

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Wk8 – First swim of the year

This morning I was up just after 6am to go swimming.  The pain in my left Hip Flexor had eased a lot since Sunday afternoon where I found it hard to walk and had very limited range of movement.  I … Continue reading

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How to get to your Racing Weight

A good friend of mine asked for advice on how I thought he might be able to lose aruond 11lbs to get to his ‘Racing Weight’ by the time he does the London Marathon in April.  He did it this … Continue reading

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16 healthy eating & weight loss tips

This diet, that diet? These foods are good, these foods are bad? Fast, feed, drink? Low fat, low carb? Low protein, high protein? It’s a minefield out there.  Everywhere you look there’s another fad diet popped up. Food, eating and … Continue reading

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Fatter Lorn… and how I got to where I am now

Someone (Super Pauline!) asked me recently if I’d ever been big… or fatter… well in 2007 I was settled and comfortable and was the ‘fattest’ I’ve ever been. Tipping the scales at 147lbs and almost 30% body fat, I was … Continue reading

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What’s your waist to height ratio?

Here’s how you work out your waist to height ratio: 1. Measure your height in cm. 2. Measure your waist in cm (just above your navel). 3. Divide your waist cm / height cm. (Image from my Tactio Health app) … Continue reading

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