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Metafit at Glasgow Club

Metafit classes were launched in Glasgow Club at the start of July. I’ve been twice and I think it’s a really good and efficient workout. 🙂 Here’s a description of it: I’d describe it as a cross between Insanity and … Continue reading

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Weekly Plans…

Since the Barrathon, I’ve been taking some time out to just do what I want when I want re training.  A lot of it has been with the aim of recovering, and part of it has been to do with … Continue reading

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Funny Runners night out

I was out last night with the our graduate Kaizen Runners… It was a good, fun night. 🙂 A few funny things happened, and my cheeks were that good sore from laughing quite a lot: When offered a drink, I … Continue reading

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Nike Fuel Band

I already posted about this… the Nike Fuel Band… and I think I might need to save up to get one… 🙂 See a good video about it here: The question is… how long can I hold off from … Continue reading

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Totals for 2012 so far… 30 weeks in…

I thought it was about time for some TOTALS: Since the start of the year (30 weeks)… I’ve: Run 560 miles (19 miles a week) Run almost 100 times (98 – 3 times a week)… Cycled 128 miles (4 miles … Continue reading

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F E A R :-)

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Smarter Science of Slim podcasts

Well worth a listen: 🙂 See here for more on the Smarter Science of Slim & here: A change will do you good.  Enjoy the new Living Smarter Science of Slim podcast on iTunes They’re only 30 mins each and packed … Continue reading

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10 miles in the sun with Gordon the green fly

Having gone to the gym this morning and having at least two full rest days ahead of me (and because the sun was splitting the sky) I decided I’d do a nice easy 10 mile run tonight after work. I … Continue reading

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How to run and enjoy it!

In the past few months I’ve been helping quite a few people start to run.  Starting out running can be a bit daunting.  Firstly you don’t know how your body will react when you start running and secondly, it’s all … Continue reading

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How happy are you?

The BBC just published an article on how happy people in the UK are.  See more here.   ‘People who are married, have jobs and own their own homes are the most likely to be satisfied with their lives, the first … Continue reading

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