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Strength & Fat Burn Workout

Heres a strength and fat burn workout for someone who wants to make the most of their workout time in the gym. Research has shown that high intensity interval training is good for burning fat and helps your body keep … Continue reading

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Sweaty Bike Tabata Workout

This morning I went to the gym before work… I did two triple supersets of legs and shoulders… then decided I’d do a bit of tabata work on the bike. In case you don’t know, tabatas are high intensity interval … Continue reading

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4/5 Never hit a training plateau again

Strength training programs require constant adjustment throughout the year or you risk hitting plateaux. If you are new to strength training, such a plateau usually arrives after about six months of training.  It happened to me after gym instructors showed … Continue reading

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How much exercise to lose weight? Not that much!

You’re ready to take on the battle of the bulge. You’ve got your diet plan down, but you’re not sure how much you should be exercising to lose weight. Two days a week? Three? Maybe six or even seven? My … Continue reading

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Increased Calorie Burn After Exercise

I’ve always read and beleived that exercise is good for you.  Exercise was always promoted to my by my parents and school and I’ve always taken part in extra curricular activities after school and outside my work life. Exercise is … Continue reading

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Wk32 – Intense Interval Circuits

Thursday morning and I met Gill again at Bella for 45 minutes of my Intense Interval Circuits. Here’s what we did: WARM UP – 30 secs each, 6 secs rest; 3 repeats of each set. (HIIT app set to 30 … Continue reading

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Lorn’s Intense Interval Circuits

My friend Gill has tasked me with coming up with an ‘abs’ circuit so that she can ‘lose her belly’ (not that she has one. but anyway…)  I imagine she is expecting a circuit filled with crunches and sit ups … Continue reading

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Wk28 – 45 min Tabata Intervals on Bike

Monday morning didn’t start too well for me… once I managed to drag my ass out of bed, I walked out of the flat with my water bottle, gym pass and car keys. A few steps out the door I … Continue reading

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Wk27 – Run then Lorn’s Tabata Circuits with Gill

Thursday morning and I’d arranged to meet Gill again at Bella for some circuits.  I’ve not been settle dwith the circuits we’ve been doing and in the last two weeks I’ve been playing about with different exercises. The workout consists … Continue reading

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Wk26 – 15 min run then 30 min tabata circuits

Monday night and I tried another wee run on the treadmill – and successful it was. I aim to keep the time I’m running at a minimum and to be honest, it’s quite nice not having the massive milage goals … Continue reading

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