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Hey Mr Big Man

Hey Mr Big Man… why are you doing this to yourself? By 8:20am at work, you’ve eaten a roll and sausage, a sandwich and a packet of crisps. Not to mention the can of coke you cracked open and guzzled. … Continue reading

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My Mocha Proteinshake

One of my regular readers Jill asked me the following question: I was wondering what is in your chocolate and coffee protein shake? I really struggle with the taste of whey and so I’m hoping your recipe does not contain … Continue reading

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How to improve what you eat and lose weight?

A friend of mine has asked for some help with losing weight.  One thing I’ve learned is that you can exercise until the cows come home… but it’s actually in the kitchen that makes a big difference.  Exercise can help, … Continue reading

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BBC2: 8th Aug: 9pm: The men who made us thin

This might be worth a watch  / record later on tonight: The men who made us thin: BBC2 9pm, 8th August. It’s a 4 part series which investigates the connections between obesity and weight loss, confronting some of the men … Continue reading

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Good ways of eating

A friend text me today asking me if I knew of any good but easy enough healthy eating plans… my first thought was for her to follow the Smarter Science of Slim – where you eat mainly Veg, Fish, Meat, Eggs, … Continue reading

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Scary stuff – aspartame

Ditch the diet drinks and drink water instead!

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Bad habits and will power: chocolate

In the last few weeks I’ve fallen into a bad habit of having chocolate nearly ever day: mars bars, snickers, Easter Eggs. It tends to be mid to late afternoon when I get chocolate cravings, and think ‘f&ck it! Why … Continue reading

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24hr Intermittent Fast Completed

Well, that’s another intermittent fast completed… 24 hours this time… from 2pm Sunday to 2pm Monday.  I’m finding it really easy to do and fit in as a way of life for me.  I’m mainly sustaining myself on liquid during … Continue reading

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Top 10 (20) Nutrition Tips

Here are my top 10 nutrition tips for how to get the most out of how you eat and drink.  10 for Eating for health and weight loss, and 10 for Eating for runners.  🙂 We do it (eat) every day … Continue reading

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How to EAT for the distance

I’ve been reading Slow Burn by Stu Mittleman.  In it he talks about how to think, train and eat for the distance.  He suggests you stay away from the usual carb laiden diet and instaed eat a diet based around … Continue reading

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