Officially a ‘bot’ for life

You might have seen on my post about the Brighton 10k and marathon a few weeks ago, I went away with a lovely group of runners from Ellon …

They call themselves ‘bots’ and all have special nicknames given to them.

I received a warm and open welcome from them from the moment I met them. I only really knew Jen and Glynis from running and from my blog many years ago. But the others welcomed me in the weekend we were away. It was great to be included.

Here’s Jen running her marathon…and about her 1,350th streak run… yes she’s still going.

I also met the lovely Fi, Steff, Wendy and Karen. There were discussions all weekend of what my bot name would be – they’d usually shortened to initials…

And yesterday I got this – my official bot tshirt…. With my nickname on there WB. Sort of linked to my name, if you ask me what it means I might tell you. Lol.

What a lovely surprise. And my first ‘running club’ too. They’re ace. Botforlife

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