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Wk32 – Spinfit and Insanity Day 16 Cardio Recovery

You  might have noticed I’ve been a little quiet about any training in the last few days… usually I start Mondays with an early morning run, but after my disturbed sleep on Sunday night after my 5 hours gardening and … Continue reading

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Wk31 – No double spinfit :-(

Tuesday night: double spinfit night and I got a text from our usual spin instructor Helen saying her cover had phoned to say she couldn’t make it. Helen is laid up with a broken leg just now, so we had … Continue reading

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Wk30 – Early morning gremlins then Double Spinfit

So Tuesday morning and I was going to do a wee 10k time trial before work… but the Gremlins came along and persuaded me against it!  I actually got up, got my training gear on (I had to put a … Continue reading

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Wk29 – Double Spinfit with Scott

Tuesday night and Helen was still off with her sore leg, our third week without her. 😦 We are missing her but tonight we had Scott again. He took us two weeks ago and we struggled to hear him. Once … Continue reading

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Wk27 – Double Spinfit

Double Spin on Tuesday night – tough work.  Helen wasn’t there as she has sadly broken her ankle!!  Arg!  So she’d set up a guy Scott to take the classes. He was ok, apart from that he didn’t introduce himself, … Continue reading

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Wk26 – Double sweato spinfit

Tuesday night… double spinfit night.  I was actually really looking forward to it.  😀 Helen was off and we had our usual stand in Catherine.  She’s good at what she does, but has a few weird things she does. She’s … Continue reading

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Ow ow ow…

Jeezo… my legs are sore… my hamstrings and quads! Ouch.  I don’t know if it’s from the circuits from Monday night, or from double spinfit on Tuesday night… or from the injury I picked up last Friday. My hope is … Continue reading

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Wk23 – Spin then 8.2M incl 10k time trial

SPINFIT Tuesday night spin fit… a single session as Helen wasn’t there and I’d planned a run in the time that I usually do the second class.  8 miles or so with about 10k as fast as I could go. … Continue reading

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Wk22 – Double Spinfit

Tuesday night double spinfit… I felt good going into the first class and worked really hard. Helen is good at motivating you and by the end of the class I was dripping with sweat. By the time the second class … Continue reading

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Wk18 – Double Spinfit with Helen

Tuesday night and I went straight from work as usual to Spinfit.  Helen had promised us she made a great new CD, and she didn’t disappoint. It’s always good to get a new workout in spinfit.  Helen does the same … Continue reading

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