Wk40 into Wk41 training

Well, that felt like a good productive week training wise. 3 swims, just over 8km, 2 runs, about 6-7 miles, 2 strength sessions, 1 rest day (and 1 swimming coaching), as below.

I didn’t walk much, but did get a good walk in today, for a total of about 4-5 miles for the week.

My sleeps were good, and my training status on Garmin is back to ‘maintaining’.

The other day my trophy for the Loch Lomond 3,000 go swim event arrived. For me placing 3rd female veteran. Richard the race organiser sent it to me as I hadn’t been at the prize giving to receive it.

My second ever prize in an event (I placed I’m the Barrathon many years ago), and got a crystal glass. This prize is cool and maybe I’ll be able to get some more swim events in next year and see what happens.

This week, I also made my oaty berry surprise for food through the week. It makes 6 portions and is tasty heated or reheated, with Greek yoghurt.

Here’s the recipe – it’s super easy.

This week I also sent away a nice wee treat to Jen and Glynis… I made them a wee necklace in bot colours each. They got them today and they said thank you.

Glynis is coming to glasgow next week for a concert, and staying near me, so I’m mixing my days up a bit to run with her on the Friday morning.

Here’s my plans for exercise for next week:

Although I might not do all that strength training. I’ll aim for 2-3 and if I do any more than that it’ll be a bonus. I could probably do one after my run with Glynis on Friday, but we’ll see.

On Saturday Fit Girl and I have entered the virtual Moria’s Run 5k… it’s just £10 to enter; and the money goes to a great cause. You here. https://www.entrycentral.com/MoirasRun we might run in Queens Park, but we’ll see.

That’ll be my fourth medal this year (and 4th medal in 2 months). There’s one more for me to get, for another 5k run I’m entered in for at the Kelpies in mid November in the dark. Should be fun.

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