5km Loch Venachar

Today I had a great day off – starting off with an hour swimming coaching some Glasgow Triathletes very early in Bishopbriggs … then I did the food shop.

Then a good breakfast before driving to Loch Venachar and getting the last space in the car park. 👍🏻

I had a good chat with a tourist / family from the Netherlands… which ended up discussing UK politics among other things.

I sat and had some chicken and a French fancy, and some water, then got ready in my wetsuit. It was very warm. I decided to go in without neoprene socks on, but opted to wear my short fins.

Once in, my turtle thermometer said that it was 19-20’C in the water… and it stayed that temperature throughout.

I swam for about 500m then reset my goggles… then I swam on for just under 2km before turning back.

The chop was getting quite bad. And I realised on the way back I was swimming in to it – so it was a bit of a fight, but got there in the end.

I got back to the car park and I’d done about 4.7km, so I rounded it up to 5km. A good training swim ahead of my go swims later in the summer – 3km Loch Tay, 2 weeks later 5km Loch Lomond, 2 weeks later 5km Loch Morlich.

I got out and it was nice to be warm and able to change in the warmth. Afterwards I had a rego shake and water, and a wrap and some pasta to refuel. I seem to have fuelled and hydrated a lot better today as I felt fine. Afterwards I drove home and had a shower and an ice cream before doing out for dinner. 👍🏻 a great day off.

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