Wk22 – 2,000m early morning swim & my Training Plan


Last night when I was swimming teaching I went in the pool, partly to cool off, partly to help teach the kids and adults I was teaching. 

I’m teaching an adult to do front crawl just now, so at the start I swam two lengths just to show her how to do it.

I was a little out of breath after just two lengths lol, its funny how you lose fitness when you don’t do a particular thing. But it felt really good to be swimming again, so I thought it would be a good idea to get into it again. 🙂

I went to Bellahouston this morning and was in the pool for 6:30am.  I really need to finished exerising fro 7:30am so that I can get to work on time at 9am, and today it worked out just fine.

I decided I’d do a very basic 80 length (2,000m) swim set.  I used to do these swim sessions, but I think if I do go swimming I’m just going to simplify it.  I think swimming would be a good thing to include in my training, if I can be disciplined enough to get into the pool and do it! Then if I want to miz it up a bit I can do more complex swim sets.

Making swimming sessions easy to remember
When I started out swimming properly in 2000, I just swam 10 lengths FC, then 10 lengths FC arms only and did it 6 times to do 120 lengths or 3,000m.  After about a year of working out in the gym, I took up swimming instead.  I ditched the gym and swam three times a week, improved my stroke, swim times and became really really fit. 🙂

my small wrist weights which make swimming a little more challenging!

So I figured I would try and do the same now.  I’m going to introduce swimming twice a week in the mornings into my workout.  To make room for it I’ll drop a strength session and swim on Monday mornings and Friday mornings.  My swim sessions will be 80 lengths, alternating between 10 lengths FC and 10 lengths FC arms only.

I might use paddles or arm weights for some of the swims too.  But by making the sessions really simple it’ll maybe seem less like a chore for me to go in and try and make up or remember a swim session routine. 🙂  Here’s hoping anyway. 😉 

It worked well this morning.  I was out of Bella for 7:28… and back home in time to get ready, have breakfast, prep my food and walk to work. 🙂

My updated training plan
As much as I like the strength work I do in the gym, I’ve been getting a little bored of it.  I try to mix it up a bit but I think it’s time to reduce the amount of strength work I do and get some swimming in there instead.

I’ll therefore have:

  • 2 swims,
  • 2-3 runs,
  • 1 weights session,
  • 1 circuits (optional)
  • 2 rest days a week.

I’m not doing any weights work this week, then in future my weights will be upper one week, lower and back the next week. 

Here’s my revised training plan which should lead up to the Barrathon at the end of June and the Great Scottish Run at the start of September (before our holiday to Lake Garda!): – although I’ll probably swim instead of run on Friday I think:

Today’s swim and times:
Here’s what I did this morning:

80 lengths: 2,000m, 41:54.
10 lengths: FC swim, 4:27
10 lengths: FC arms only (with arm weights), 5:04
10 lengths: FC swim (with arm weights), 5:02
10 lengths: FC arms only, 4:34
10 lengths: FC swim, 4:32
10 lengths: FC arms only (with arm weights), 5:11
10 lengths: FC swim, 4:36
10 lengths: FC arms only, 4:52

I used to always swim in the busy evenings, with swimmers all jostling for space.  This mornings swim was much more relaxed.  There were 2-3 others in the lane with me, and we were all very courteous.  Thanks yous everywhere for me letting them past and me passing them.  🙂  Maybe morning swimmers are a different breed to evening swimmers??!

I had a good swim anyway, and am hoping I’ll still remain keen to keep it in my workout routine at least for the next 6 weeks or so.

What about you?  Do you like to mix things up a bit in your training every now and again?  If so, what do you do or change?

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