Wk25 – Double Sweato Spinfit

Tuesday night was double Spinfit. I didn’t really think about my knee pain as it hasn’t been sore much. Only the odd niggle when I’ve crossed my legs for too long.

The first class was good. Helen said she lost her voice but it seemed to be back fine for the class. She was as noisy as ever. 😉

I worked hard in the first class. It was hot and I worked up a sweat. At the break I went outside for some air and ate some cashew nuts. Not too many. 😉

By the time the second class came around I could have done without it. I think it’s all in my head. I need to be more positive when the second class comes round I think.

Anyway, I didn’t work as hard in the second class. Then by the time the strength track came along, I started to feel a little twinge in my knee so I eased off. I’m not sure if it was sore because of the injury or because of the circuits last night.

So for the last 3 tracks I took it easy. :-/ I was sweato by the end of it!!! Great workout.

I’m going to try a run tomorrow and see how the leg holds up. Fingers crossed.

Spinfit 1: Ave HR: 134, Max HR: 154, Calories: 500
Spinfit 2: Ave HR: 120, Calories: 450.

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