Better be ready for Mr Muscle!

Tomorrow morning, Thursday, 12/12/13, Mr Muscle is coming to my house at 630 to put me through my paces with a new strength work designed to help me burn fat and build muscle (hopefully!).

Mr Muscle provided me with the following two weekly strength workouts to do (after a warm up):



We also hope to look at my nutrition: he’s suggested we take a look at ‘Carb Cycling’: where you increase the amount of carbs you have on intense workout days, and have high, medium and low carb days depending on his much you workout.

Of what I’ve read so far, you should have:

High / Med Carb days on strength / intense days.

Med Carb days on intense (and long) cardio days

Low Carb on easy cardio or rest days.

Where for a female:
low = 50g carbs,
med = 100g carbs and
high = 150g carbs.
(Whilst eating 1g of protein per lb of body weight per day = 124g for me).

The challenge I might find with that is that I don’t really count my food: calories or grams – and I’m not sure I could even start to! But I do know what is carb, protein and fat so hopefully I’ll be able to judge it well.

(The numbers above are suggested for females, men should eat more carbs than the numbers quoted above (apparently). )

We did discuss how just now, Christmas party season might not be the best time to start a new strength work and nutrition plan, but as of this week, it’s going to be a 12 week strength plan, taking me up to 8 weeks lead up before my marathon in May. And I’m 99% sure I’ll be able to be motivated to keep training and eating well throughout (I’ve sleet started eating better).

I’ll find out more tomorrow about what plans Mr Muscle has for me nutrition wise.

Oh and with my goals of ‘Getting leaner, and stronger’ Mr Muscle is also going to take some before pictures … possibly the first man to see me in a bra since … 1998 or so! :-O 😉 lucky me … or lucky him!

Better get off and get some shut eye!!

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