2021 Totals & 2022 Events entered

The numbers are in for my activity last year … thanks to Garmin… as I’d hoped, I managed the following:

Run – 400 miles / 100 / 8x a month on avg
Cycling – 600 miles / 69 / 6x a month on avg
Walking – 635 miles / 332 times
Strength / Physio – 161 / 13x a month on avg
Swimming – 115 miles / 185.1km / 5690 lengths

1,750 miles in total 🙂

On average I exercised around 5.5 hours per week, or nearly 287 hours / 12 days non stop.

Garmin says I burned about 168,000 calories doing all of this – or around 1113 snack sized mars bars!

As you probably know I started back swimming in June… (and I’m loving it).

I’ve been swimming between about 20km – 38km a month or between 600 – 1,200 lengths a month.

I swam a total of 5,690 lengths, or 115 miles. I swam the most distance in December, (probably with the goal of aiming to get to the 115 miles by the end of the year), and I did two events – Loch Lomond 3,000m at the end of August and Loch Morlich 3,000m in September.

I did my open water swimming between June to October, and I’ll maybe start again from April onwards in 2022.

I’ve entered the following next year – so I’m looking forward to that…

I’ll maybe look for some runs to enter too, but my focus will be on swim training and working towards these events – especially the 5,000m swim in Loch Lomond!

With my running being a bit hit and miss in 2021, I still managed to do 400 miles across 100 runs… I’ve enjoyed the shorter runs without any pressure to run far.

And fortunately my injury seems to have gone away. Possibly due to time, rest, cross training and maybe even a change of job with less stress and concern. Who knows, but it’s good to be back running if I want to anyway.

Now for my weight… it’s gone down a wee bit in 2021…

From a peak of 140lbs / 17.3% body fat in July, to about a half stone lighter – 132.8lbs / 14.4% body fat.

Down about 3.5lbs since the start of the year… and since July, I’m down about 6lbs body fat and 1.5lbs lean mass.

And I know what it is I did to make that happen – easy simple daily intermittent fasting – basically not having my breakfast until about 10 or 11. Giving my body a rest from food, (apart from a shake after swims to refuel), and being flexible with it.

I also did plenty activity and had good sleeps and rest days too. Less walking in winter, but maybe it’ll pick up in the new year.

Due to the lower running about this year, I did less steps, but still a good amount – in the millions … 3,208,580 or an average of about 8,800 a day.

That compares to 4,824,338 steps in 2020 (avg 13,100 a day), and 5,041,489 in 2019 (avg 13,800 a day). I’m not walking to work either… so that adds up to the reduction.

I’m enjoying the strength training in the garagym when I do it. We’re lucky to have it set up the way it is.

Going into 2022, I’m planning on continuing my mixture of training, with a bit more of a focus on swimming, with some runs, spin and strength work and rest days.

Here’s my roughly planned weekly schedule – I’ve built up to this and it seems to work for me:

Here’s to 2022, and keeping fit and healthy going forward.

I also have some goals outside of fitness… life goals I guess you could call them – some to do with my new work (completing my CIPD and settling in well), and some financial and personal to do with making sure if see friends and family and maybe complete something that’s been on the cards for a few decades. We’ll see.

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