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You can do it!

A little girl in my swimming lessons last night was saying to me… ‘I cannie do it, I cannie do it!’… I replied to her that ‘cannie‘ isn’t a word, and that she can do it.  She’s very cute. She came along … Continue reading

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Total Immersion Swimming Drill Videos

I put some new swim sessions on my blog recently, sessions based on the Total Immersion technique. I went in the pool last night to try them out, and think I got them kind of right, more work required though I … Continue reading

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Speedo Aquacoach Watch

I’m going to use my Speedo Aquacoach watch for the first time in the pool tonight.  The watch didn’t come with an instruction manual, you’re provided with a quick start guide on the inside of the box (so you have … Continue reading

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New Total Immersion 2,500m swim sessions

Inspired by Terry Laughlin’s, Total Immersion: The Revolutionary Way to Swim Better, Faster and Easier I’ve got together a 2,500m swim session for myself. Here’s a description of the book: Even though swimming is the closest thing to a perfect exercise you can … Continue reading

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Rest day and Santa Claus Speedo Aquacoach

Gill text me late last night to say she couldn’t make our run on Thursday morning, so I decided a lie in would be a good bet for me. 🙂  Although I’ve only run once this week, I’m thinking it … Continue reading

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Wk45 – 3000m swim and ‘Run Tomas Run’?

Tuesday night and I got picked up from work and taken to Bella pool. The plan was to do Swim Session 11, then run home, taking a long route of about 7 miles. The swim went fine, I was concentrating … Continue reading

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18,000 hits!

My blog has attracted a total of 18,000 hits since I started it last year!  This October has been my busiest month so far with daily figures peaking at 232! (the day I changed/improved(?) the layout). Please let me know if there are any … Continue reading

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Teaching Swimming is fun!

Following on from my Teaching different levels of beginners how to swim, I thought I’d share some other points in relation to teaching swimming and how I provide motivation for those I teach. I’ve been teaching swimming for almost 10 … Continue reading

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Teaching different levels of beginners how to swim

I know this isn’t to do with my ‘Training’ as such, but a swimming teacher asked the question of me recently: How do you teach a class of beginners to swim when there are two levels of beginners in the … Continue reading

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Gadgets to count swimming lengths…

As you might know I’ve been swimming a little more recently… in the hope that if I swim then I’ll still be working hard, but I won’t be over doing it in running or any other ‘weight bearing activity’. Hopefully … Continue reading

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