Kaizen Run Club T-Shirts

kaizen activeYou can get your Kaizen Run Club T-Shirt by purchasing one of the following T-Shirts and for a small fee Kaizen will print the Kaizen logos on the front and back of the T-Shirt.

We would like everyone to be wearing the same colour, so we’ve selected green as our Kaizen Team Colour.

Suggested Women’s T-Shirt

509401. Adidas Short Sleeved T-Shirt: £10 from Start Fitness
(Plus £2.95 postage)

Another option for the ladies is the:
Nike Miler in Green (£17.95 plus postage – this is the one Lorn has).

Suggested Men’s T-Shirt


1. Adidas Short Sleeved T-Shirt £10 from Start Fitness
Plus £2.95 postage)

A few other options for the men include the:

Nike Miler Vest in green (£12.95 plus postage)

Nike Miler Long Sleeve (£17.95 plus postage)

We would always suggest you go for a T-Shirt rather than a long sleeved top as you can always wear a long sleeved top or compression top under your Kaizen T-Shirt, but might want to take a long sleeved Kaizen top off.

Note: You can use another green T-Shirt you have already, or opt for a type of T-Shirt you prefer, but keep the colour green.

To get the Kaizen Active logo printed on it, speak to Kaizen who will arrange and advise how much the print will cost.

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