Insanity Workout

I came across the Insanity Workout when I was in the US in September last year.  ‘Designed by trainer Shaun T is a high-intensity conditioning program that’s based on the principals of MAX Interval Training.  His premise is that by doing insane amounts of high energy interval training you will naturally lose body fat which will literally melt off you.’

In 2010, I found the 10 DVD set on Amazon and thought I’d keep it for when I had some spare training time on my hands.

For more information see here:
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Here’s a you tube video of it (sweato!):

 So What Do You Get?

The Insanity Workout is a total lifestyle change. Once you sign on, there’s no going back. So what do you get in the box to help you make this transition?

  • 10 Workout DVD’s
  • Elite Nutrition Guide
  • Workout Calendar (essential!)
  • Workout Guide
  • Free Online Support
  • Insanity Fit Test Tracker

Insanity suggests you train 6 times a week, with one rest day.  It would be 8 weeks of intensive training.  However I do other training, so I decided I would aim to do Insanity over 12 weeks, with 3 Insanity workouts a week.

The Science behind Insanity

Billed as the most extreme workout on DVD, the Insanity Workout is essentially a variation on High Intensity Interval Training, which Shaun T has modified according to the principles of his Max Interval Training.

Shaun T set out to create a programme that would push people to their very limits and beyond, and in doing so allow them to burn so many calories and develop the results that normally take six months or more in just 60 days.  By combining plyometrics, traditional cardio, calisthenics, sports drill and core work in incredibly intense and efficient packages, Shaun delivers the most incredible workout right to your door.

So if you are ready to go insane, and if you’re ready to develop the most extreme results in the shortest amount of time, the Insanity Workout is for you!

We’ll see if it works!!

My training including the Insanity workout

I’ll be doing the Insanity workout along with 1 x 30 minutes of circuits, and 3.5 – 4 hours of cardio (mainly bike, but also short runs (up to 15 minutes prior to circuits) and on the rower.)  I’m more or less replacing my runs I used to do with bike work… lets see if I can get as much enjoyment from spinning/bike work as I did from running!

Here is my training plan for it:

And here’s the Weekly Insanity Training Programme I’ve set myself.

Unfortunately I don’t have any room in my flat to do it (and I live in a second floor flat so I don’t think my neighbours would be too happy with me jumping about shaking the place)… so I’ve got a portable DVD player to play it on.

The plan is to do my Insanity workouts either in a room in Bellahouston Leisure Centre, or in a room at work which is set up for activities.

You can see details of the Fit Test here.

You can see some reviews / descriptions of each of the Insanity workouts here:

Insanity Cardio Power and Resistance
Insanity Plyometrics Cardio Circuit Review

And here is my progress:

Insanity Day 1: Fit Test – Wk27 Mon 11/07/11
Insanity Day 2: Plyometrics Cardio – Wk27 Wed 13/07/11 (video here)
Insanity Day 3: Cardio Power & Resistance – Wk27 Sat 16/07/11
Insanity Day 4: Cardio Recovery – Wk28 – Mon 18/07/11
Insanity Day 5: Pure Cardio – Wk28 – Wed 20/07/11
Insanity Day 6: Plyometric Cardio Circuits – Wk28 – Sat 23/07/11
Insanity Day 7: Cardio Power & Resistance – Wk29 – Mon 25/07/11
Insanity Day 8: Pure Cardio – Wk29 – Wed 27/07/11
Insanity Day 9: Plymetric Cardio Circuits – Wk29 – Sat 30/07/11
Insanity Day 10: Cardio Recovery – Wk30 – Mon 01/08/11
Insanity Day 11: Cardio Power & Resistance – Wk30 Wed 03/08/11
Insanity Day 12: Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs – Wk30 Sat 06/08/11
Insanity Day 13: Fit Test 2 – Wk31 Mon 08/08/11
Insanity Day 14: Plyometric Cardio Circuit – Wk31 Wed 10/08/11
Insanity Day 15: Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs – Wk31 Sat 13/08/11
Insanity Day 16: Cardio Recovery – Wk32 Tue 16/08/11
Insanity Day 17: Cardio Power & Resistance – Wk32 Wed 17/08/11
Insanity Day 18: Plyometric Cardio Circuits – Wk32 Sat 20/08/11
Insanity Day 19: Cardio Power & Resistance – Wk33 Wed 24/08/11
Insanity Day 20: Cardio Recovery – Wk33 Wed 24/08/11
Insanity Day 21: Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs – Wk33 Sat 27/08/11

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