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Do you train to race, or race to train?

Quite an interesting question – Do you train to race, or race to train? I’ve come to realise, that whilst I love taking part in events, the real reason I do them is to keep myself motivated to train. Events … Continue reading

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Wk38 – 5M Winter Series with Gill

I should have realised the warning signs of ‘gremlins not wanting me to train’ last night when I walked home and went into my flat, rather than going straight to my car to go to the pool.  I told myself that I’d … Continue reading

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Eating fruit as part of your daily diet

The reasons to eat fruit are endless, although we still sometimes opt for easier to source other options for snacks instead.  It’s easy to encorporate fruit as part of your daily intake. Average human body is composed of 57% water, while … Continue reading

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Wk38 – Intense Interval Circuits with Gill

Wednesday morning and it was circuits with Gill.  We haven’t done my Intense Interval Circuits since before I went away on holiday, so I’d kind of forgotten the format of it. We started off with 4 x 30 second sprints, … Continue reading

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Autumn training

I’m into my second week back after coming back from holiday, and I haven’t gone back to Insanity yet.  The plan was to have two weeks off, then two weeks (6 days) of Insanity Core Cardio and balance. But the … Continue reading

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Wk38 – 6.5M West End & City Centre

Tuesday morning and the alarm went off at 6:02. I knew it was going to be dark and wet outside… and as soon as the thought of running at this time in the morning entered my head I had doubts … Continue reading

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Wk38 – Swim Session 4 + some

Monday night – swim night. Swim Session 4 involved a lot more kicking and less continuous swimming that Swim Session 3 which had the 1 mile time trial. I’m going the swim sessions from my Sw Sessions page, and adding … Continue reading

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5 new 2500m swim sessions

Here are 5 new 2500m swim sessions which utilise three different strokes, Front Crawl, Back Crawl and Breast Stroke.  You can download the 2500mPlan Excel file here.  Tip: Print it out, and seal it in a poly pocket and take … Continue reading

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Want to lose weight?

I’m reading Why we get fat: and what to do about it, by Gary Taubes, (I got the audiobook infact), and thought I’d share some of the ideas within it: If you want to lose weight, it’s less about reducing how … Continue reading

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Wk37 – Swim Session 3 plus some

Saturday morning I was covering a 2 hour swimming teaching session between 8-10am at Bella, then I was going to go in for a swim. Some of the kids in the improved class, I’d taught before, and it was a … Continue reading

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