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I love bagels!

As regular readers may know, bagels are a staple of my diet.  I eat one more or less every day, and have various toppings I use to make them taste really good.  Bagels give me lots of energy to help … Continue reading

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Top 10 Marathon Tips

With the marathon season coming up, I thought I’d put some top tips together to help you get through the 26.2 miles that is the marathon. Some of it you’ll know already, and some of it might be new to … Continue reading

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New Thoughts page, and a strange abundance of Creativity!

I was noticing that my Thursday Thought posts were becoming a bit of a regular, so I thought I’d set up a page to hold them all (and any future Thoughts posts). Here it is: Thoughts 😀 Also, I’ve been … Continue reading

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Thoughts for my long run

So I was thinking about my 20 mile run to Milngavie and back on Saturday.  I’m considering my pace, what time I’ll leave and my energy for the run. My Pace I’m looking back to the marathon distance I did … Continue reading

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Do you take Multivitamins?

Do you take Multivitamins?  I do.  Have done for years.  Someone asked me the other day when I was running with her and I told her I take Centrum Performance Multivitamins daily. I think my Dad drummed it into me … Continue reading

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Wk21 – 26.2M Glasgow to Greenock Marathon

Saturday was the second long run of my training for the Clyde  Stride Ultra Marathon.  26 miles… Glasgow to Greenock  along the national cycle network route 75, and I figured I might as well round it up to a marathon distance. … Continue reading

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Watching my calorie burn vs intake…

With my increase in training I think it’s about time I looked at my calorie burn… to make sure I’m taking in enough to cover the calories I’m burining. So far in 2010/11 my average weekly calorie burn has been … Continue reading

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