Wk43 and 44 into Wk45

For the last couple of weeks I’ve kept up my swimming 3 times a week but have eased off the gym, and picked up my running again.

At the end of October I was starting to feel a bit tired or like I needed some rest, so I had 3 good rest days that week. I still swam the 3 times, ran once, and coached twice. Then I had a restful weekend.

Then after the clocks went back last weekend, I felt like the extra hour did me good, and for some reason it’s felt like my body clock is where it used to be, and hour ahead of the actual time. And that’s seemed to help me to wake up early and get my exercise in.

Swimming coaching for the Glasgow Triathlon Club first thing on Monday was cancelled due to lack of pool staff, so I came home and got a wee good run in.

I was able to book Bellahouston pool for Tuesday morning and did a good session there.

Then on Wednesday it was swimming at the Gorbals, another 2,700m… and a good 4.5 mile run on Thursday morning. It was a bit cold, but good weather for running.

Then another swim at Bellahouston on Friday, just under 2,800m… an easier session with repeats of 100m front crawl mostly.

Today was a good first run with my new (and lovely) colleague Rebecca. My longest run for a while and I felt good on it. We had a really good chat, and ran through some really pretty leaf lines streets and a bit through Queens Park.

I did get a bit of a fright this morning where I got a really bad pain in my left heel : lower ankle. When I got out of bed I couldn’t weight bear; but it wasn’t like plantar facilitus. I managed to move around and stretch it so that it eased off and after 45 mins or so I was ok to run on it. Just in time for Rebecca coming to mine at 730 to run.

I forgot to get a selfie with her, but I think we both really enjoyed the run, and getting to know each other better.

My left foot felt fine during and after the run. So who knows what that was all about. My body trying to remind me to be careful no doubt.

I’ve been consistent with my training and my sleep has been pretty good (touch wood). And I’ve been able to be flexible with my eating…. since mid July I’ve been skipping breakfast most days (a type of loose 16:8 intermittent fasting), but I do drink a rego vanilla shake after a swim for recovery and energy.

As a result of my training and not being greedy…. I’ve lost about half a stone since mid July… and my weight has stayed steady for a while now. It’s sort of still going down, but it feels right where I am so I’ll make sure ok eating enough to fuel my exercise.

Here’s my plan for next week training wise… maybe not all that strength training, but I’ll put it in and see if I get up to it or not.

Tomorrow I’m away to Edinburgh to see a friend for lunch and on Wednesday I’m away to Stonehaven to visit my Dad and step mum. So that should be nice.

I’m doing the Kelpie 5k at night the following Sunday with my friend I’m meeting in Edinburgh (tomorrow)… so we’ll get together two weekends in a row to have some fun. I might have a rest day next Saturday if I fancy it.

Oh and I did some Christmas shopping today and got some wee treats bought for me too. Looks like I’ve breast finished my Christmas shopping! Which might be a record. I have no idea how I did that.

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