Wk43 – 5.1M Queens Park

I’d been looking forward to my planned training for Thursday night all day:  a 5 mile run and 45 minutes of Kettlebells.

Then as usual, at about 4:45pm, my enthusiasm for the impending exercise waned a little and I had doubts as to whether I wanted to run, or do the kettlebells.

I had to decide quickly as if I put off my decision to run by any amount of time, I’d be running in the dark and I didn’t want to do that.  This week it’s been getting dark around 18:30 so I tried to set my self a goal of getting out the door for 17:30 for a 5 mile run.

As I walked home with all of my doubts, I decided I’d post a question on facebook, and send a text to some friends to get their opinion on what I should do.

The question was:  5 mile run?  Kettlebell workout?  Or both?  You decide.  Note the option to ‘Rest’ or ‘skive’ was not in there. 😉

Twinkle toes came back first and said ‘Both. Lazy! lol’.  Ha ha and she was right!  I waws trying to be lazy!  

Paul suggested I avoid the run, and do the Kettlebell workout as I have a long run on saturday.  But then I was thinking I should avoid the kettlebell workout if I have a long run on Satruday.  I don’t want to be running with sore muscles after starting Kettlebells. 😉

Kinvaras on the right (Paramounts on the left)

That was all the motivation I needed to change into my running gear and get out the door. 

I decided I’d wear my Saucony Kinvaras for a change.  They’re odd – less supportive than my Paramounts, but nice and light and comfortable.  Only thing is you can almost feel every step you take with them.

It was a pretty uneventful run, but I enjoyed running my old route of up to Queens Park and back.  I started out quick, slowed in the middle (with the slight hill) and was faster towards the end.  I love knowing the route, every twist and turn and mile split.  🙂  A few new shops had popped up since I was last on the route and they’re finally getting the bit under the M74 on Pollokshaws Road / Eglington Toll done so there’s less roadworks.

5.1 miles in just under 40 minutes.  Suits me. As I ran, the sun got lower and lower until it finally disappeared and night time took over.  Next week (with the clocks going back) it’ll be dark at 17:30 or before, so I’m glad I took advantage of the evening day light when I could.

When I got home, I had the baked potato I had put in the oven before I left, and decided I’d leave the kettlebell workout for another day. 😀 tut tut.. I must be lazy. 😉

Run: 5.1M, 39:54, Pace: 7:43, Calories: 410.
Ave HR: 152 (80%), Max HR: 173 (91%), Garmin Training Effect: 3.6

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