Wk12 – 10k Wednesday…

Wednesday night and it was my 4th 10k with my friend who is trying to come back from injury and do a good 10k in May.  It was a pleasant night, although it had been raining when I walked home.  By the time we left at quarter to 6 it was a lovely night.  The sun was shining and the streets were drying up.

We ran a slightly different route this week, straight up to part of the Women’s 10k route where Aytoun Road meets Sheieds Road. Up to Terregles Avenue, Haggs Road, into Pollock Park… up the hill… out of Pollock Park. Up St Andrews Drive along Aytoun Road then home down Shields Road.

We were stopped 4 times by bloody traffic and lights, which I counted up to about 2 minutes. We finished 10k in 55:15, take 2 mins off…. 53:15…the same time as last week. We were out for just over an hour and did 7 miles. My friend had less pain in her leg this week which is good.

It was a nice steady run for me (apart from the stops for Mr Rush Hour traffic).

Run: 7M, 1:03, Pace: 8:47, Calories: 696.
Ave HR: 138 (73%), Max HR: 159 (84%)

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