Do I use Dioralyte on race day or not??

So… I know I need to stay hydrated on a run… and on e along run, I need energy too. My energy plans so far in training have included:

Porridge & 250mls Fresh Orange Juice.
Caffeine Lucozade and Caffeine SIS gel.

My trusty north face water pack… with 1 – 1.5 litres of water in it.
Caffeine SIS gels and normal SIS gels: around 1 every 30-45 mins. 
Sometimes Lucozade Beans or Sports Beans.

Lucozade (full fat), preferably Citrus flavour.
Cashew Nuts.
Milk Shake. (for goodness shakes, or …even… MacDonalds! :-O)

I’ve tried lots of things and these energy and hydration combinations tend to work.

I get caffeine, carbs and electrolytes

before… caffeine, carbs and water throughout… and carbs, electrolytes and protein afterwards.

Then the other night I was chatting to my brother (GP) and he asked if I’d heard of Dioralyte? You mix 1 sachet per 200mls of

water, and ‘Dioralyte replaces body fluid and salts lost during illness.’ (long periods of exercise).  It’s used to correct water and salt loss in infants, and in adults when they have continued diarrhoea. There are no side effects to taking it as it’s just replacing what your body needs (when you’re ill or you’ve used energy stores in your body).

It contains glucose and salts (sodium chloride, potassium chloride and disodium hydrogen citrate).  I tried some tonight after my run: Natural flavour…it tasted ok….just a bit salty.

To quote some bits from an article in the latest Runners World magazine:

  • Electrolyte levels: Runners need to top up electrolyte levels at regular intervals to avoid hypotraemia (low levels of salt in the blood).
  • Blood glucose is the first choice for energy. Glucose is stored in the body as glycogen. In a study, blood glucose levels almost halved during a marathon.

I know I need to top up glycogen and salt levels on long runs, but I’ve usually done this through drinking lucozade before and after, and taking on energy gels.  Perhaps the dioralyte will be a little extra to keep my glycogen stores topped up to make it even easier!?

My brother recommended diorolyte…and my other trusty source of information (my Dad – now a retired GP)… agreed that it would be a good idea, and it wouldn’t harm to take it.  He said…’you probably wouldn’t notice it, but it will have a positive effect on you as it will replace the salts you lose during the race.  And it’s composition is the same as the salts you’ll lose, so it’s better for you than just plain water.’

Now here comes the dilema:

I’ve been training for the last 12 weeks, without Dioralyte…and with 11 days to go… I’m considering adding it to my water pack to hopefully help me along on the day.  I have one long run left (8 miles) to try it out and see how it goes with me. I’ll know more after that… but…

10 days to go til race day…. Do I use Dioralyte on race day or not??

All the books and websites all say not to try change your energy intake on the day of the marathon/race.  Always try things out in training first.  I guess I’ll just need to try it on Saturday (8 mile run) and see how it goes.  🙂

For Saturday: 600mls = 3 sachets.
For race day: 1.5 litres = 7 sachets?

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4 Responses to Do I use Dioralyte on race day or not??

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  3. Lynda says:

    Hi Lorn!

    I wondered if you did use the Dioralyte for your 8 mile and race day runs? I have an 8 mile coming up and have been thinking about doing the same. Thanks!! Lynda

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