Wk12 – Double Spinfit

Tuesday night = double spinfit.  I didn’t go last week because of my cold, but this week I felt ok.  I started on a course of Penicillin the Dr prescribed and so far I’m not feeling much better, but I’m not feeling too bad either.  I’m still a bit bunged up but I’m hoping that will go soon.

Double Spinfit on new bikes… arg.  It was hard work and I took it easy on more than one occasion in the first class, and quite a few more times in the second class.  I don’t normally take it easy like I did, and I can’t decide whether I was:

  1. Just being sensible… getting over a cold and meant to be tapering… I was telling myself I was meant to be taking it easy.
  2. Being lazy… I had the excuse of just getting over a cold and meant to be tapering… so I had the excuse to sit down instead of work hard.

I’d like to think it’s the first option… 😀  Although I did get a lot of funny looks from Helen (instructor) and she asked if I was ok.  I just didn’t fancy pushing it too much.

Spinfit 1: 45 mins, Ave HR: 146, Max HR: 164, Calories: 550
Spinfit 2: 45 mins, Ave HR: 132, Calories: 500

This taper malarky is strange… I’m imposing it on me more so now I’m desperate to get over my cold… but it’s weird.  It’s like I have an excuse to take it easy and relax.  

Over the next few days I’m gonig to spend some time reading and planning for the big day: Nutrition, Hydration, Carb Loading, Race Packing List, Race Day, Pacing… that should do.

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