10k and Half Marathon training plans

One of my friends asked me if I knew any links to training plans for half marathons … of course I do… there’s the City Runs plans, the Runners World plans, the Jog Scotland plans, the Running Network plans, the Women’s 10k plans, the Great Scottish Run plans…. running plans from books…. the list is endless…

My favourite tool for training plans is perhaps the Runners World Smartcoach plans.  A customisable way to set up plans and get from them what you want, based on your previous race time, how hard you want to train and the distance you are training for.  You can set the schedule length and the date you want to start it.  I think its a great tool and sets you up to start planning your own training plans.

I’ve been doing this running and planning and running and planning for so long now, I tend to work out my own training plans, based on what I’ve learned.

The key for me when setting up training plans for running is to plan:

  • 1 easy run, 1 hard run, 1 long run.
  • Add more runs in, or miss runs, it’s ok to stray from the plan.
  • Increase the mileage of the long runs progressively each week.
  • Take each 4th week as an easy recovery week.
  • Change the plan to suit your life. (family / social events)
  • If you don’t want to do a hard (speed/tempo/hill) session on the day, do an easy one for that distance.
  • Run with others to make training more social and enjoyable!
  • Have fun!

Here is my idea for a  10k into a half marathon plan:
6 weeks until the women’s 10k, then 16 weeks to the half marathon in September (Great Scottish Run).

There you go Pauline, click this link:

10k and half marathon training plan

…and it’s yours to download and print!

Any questions?  Leave a comment or email/facebook me!

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