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4 Week Half Marathon Training Plan

It’s the Great Scottish Run in 4 weeks time (6th October), where thousands of people will run a 10k and half marathon as part of the big event in Glasgow.  Someone in work was asking if I thought he could … Continue reading

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Pace band for 2:15…

Here’s my pace band for 2:15 🙂 Good luck to all those running the GSRs today. 🙂 I’ll post the results for the Great Scottish Run on here later and some photos too probably.  🙂 Remember you can like my … Continue reading

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The night before the Great Scottish Run :-)

I’m ready. Ready for the Great Scottish Run and ready to fly out to Chicago on Monday.  I’ve got all my race stuff out ready and have packed my bags for the holiday. I’ve got a really busy day ahead … Continue reading

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Wk29 – 11.7M Half Marathon training

Thursday night my new long run night and it went really well for me: another good practice at running (11.7 miles of) the Great Scottish Run half marathon route. The weather forecast in the morning was for rain overnight between … Continue reading

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Suitably pleased with that long run….

Thursday night and I did a nice and strong long run around 11.7 miles of the Great Scottish Run Half Marathon route. I pushed it right from the start… no exact plan pacing or negative splits  – I just wanted … Continue reading

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Wk28 – 9.5M Half Marathon training then Basketball

Thursday night and I went home for Chicken Katsu… a lovely home made dish of breaded chicken with rice and chinese curry sauce on top. Yummy! I made sure I visited the loo, before going out for my run at … Continue reading

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July – August Training Plan

In the last post I said I would be including runs again into my training.  In the last 3 weeks since I injured my IT band on my 31 mile run, I’ve only really been doing short runs up to … Continue reading

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10k and Half Marathon training plans

One of my friends asked me if I knew any links to training plans for half marathons … of course I do… there’s the City Runs plans, the Runners World plans, the Jog Scotland plans, the Running Network plans, the … Continue reading

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