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My Garmin Training Effect Analysis

Since I got my Garmin 610, I’ve become interested in the Garmin Training Effect.  And I get a lot of people coming to my blog after searching on it.  You can read more about what it is here. I wanted to … Continue reading

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Run Workouts (using your Heart Rate)

Following on from my post about Heart Rate Training, I thought I’d get some Run Workouts together which are based on your Heart Rate Zones. Remembering there are three heart rate training zones, there are 3 or 4 different types … Continue reading

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Heart Rate Training

Do you use a heart rate monitor? I’ve been using heart rate monitors since I got my first one in December 2008: a good Timex one. Then since then I’ve used one with my Garmin. I learned the majority of … Continue reading

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Wk43 – Circuits wi Gill

Wednesday morning and it was circuits with Gill again at Bellahouston.  I wasn’t really in the mood for it as I’d done the long 12 miles the night before, but had arranged to meet her so couldn’t let her down.  … Continue reading

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Wk26 – Double sweato spinfit

Tuesday night… double spinfit night.  I was actually really looking forward to it.  😀 Helen was off and we had our usual stand in Catherine.  She’s good at what she does, but has a few weird things she does. She’s … Continue reading

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W12 – 14M long run

I was looking forward to my long run this Saturday… shorter than normal it was planned to be 12 miles. I was running with my friend Jackie, who for a number of reasons I haven’t run with for ages. We … Continue reading

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Wk12 – 4.3M Maxwell Park run with a cold

Wednesday morning and I had a 10k (time trial) in my training plan, but in the back of my mind with me getting over this cold, I knew I wasn’t going to do a time trial of any sorts.  With two … Continue reading

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Wk10 – 10k in the rain

Wednesday night and my friend picked me up from work so that we could go straight to the start of the women’s 10k route and run it before it got dark. It was raining quite heavily, and it ended up … Continue reading

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Heart Rate Training

Someone was asking me about heart rate training zones last night… I work mine out with the rather basic formula of take 220 – your age = your max heart rate.  That would make mine 190… and it seems to … Continue reading

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Wk43 – 4M easy run in pouring rain

Wednesday night… and it was exactly the same as last week as I was walking home… spitting rain… then raining heavily when we got out for our run!  Only this week… when we were running – the rain was teaming … Continue reading

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