40 mile training plan

Ok…so I’ve spent a bit of time thinking about how I’m going to tackle this 40 mile ultramarathon, the Clyde Stride.  It takes place in 9 weeks time, and I think I’ve got a good wee training plan together.  It will be a version of a marathon training plan and will hopefully include training on hills, trail running and parts of the actual route.

Of course the plan will be subject to change, and is a bit of a guide at the moment,  but it should give me what I need to achieve this challenge.

In a typical training week, there will be:

  • 1 long run (15-23 miles)
  • 1 short recovery run
  • 1 hard run (hills, speed, tempo or easy recovery)
  • 1 long easy run (8-14 miles)

In the training, I’ll have an easy week on the 4th week and taper in the 7th and 8th week. I’ll do some 10k time trials in those weeks.

I’ll try and run most of the route, running some of my long runs on it.  (I’m waiting on an email from the organisers of the run for a route map).  The last bit looks a bit daunting and I think I should really try and attempt it before the big day!


Any feedback on this plan is more than welcome.  😀

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7 Responses to 40 mile training plan

  1. Cris says:

    Training guide looks good Lorn, good luck when it starts!

    That route profile looks nearly as bad as the Windermere Marathon’s one. ‘-p

  2. pyllon says:

    Have u run 40 miles before?

  3. lornpearson says:

    You have, I couldn’t remember if you had from reading your blog. I know I probably have to slow my pace down, not worry about time, and think more about energy intake being food as opposed to gels. Any and advice for this challenge would be appreciated. 😀

  4. pyllon says:

    I don’t necessarily think you need to take on food. For 40miles I don’t, but some do. I guess it’s something to work on in training.


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