W12 – 14M long run

I was looking forward to my long run this Saturday… shorter than normal it was planned to be 12 miles. I was running with my friend Jackie, who for a number of reasons I haven’t run with for ages. We went through a spell of running every Saturday morning together and got great chat along the way. But she’s been injured and training to walk the West Highland Way and I’ve been running longer distances where the run together wouldn’t work.

I ran 5k to her house just before 9am.I usually run through Govan to get to hers, but I decided I’d try a more scenic route through Bella Park – a bit nicer. The weather was nice… maybe 7 or 8’C and sunny. Not quite sunny enough for sun glasses yet. But warm enough for shorts and possibly one layer on top. I had a vest and long sleeved top on. I started out a bit fast, but got into rhythm easily.

I met her and we ran to Bella Park, then onto a loop de loop in Pollock Park. I’d dropped a bottle of lucozade in Pollock Park as I was aware I’d be running for about 2 hours and wanted to stay hydrated. Good chat.

I’ve run out of my SIS caffeine gels, so I tried some new things: Clif Bloks. They tasted ok, but they were lumps of almost jelly which dissolved in your mouth over time. We opted to keep them in our cheeks and digested them slowly. I had three over about 20 minutes, then we stopped to have half a lucozade each. And I have to say, after all that I felt kind of sick…. maybe its because I’m used to drinking water and not lucozade on runs, or maybe just the new Bloks. Not a time to be changing my energy type now anyway with 2 weeks to go.

I’ll get some more SIS gels this weekend – get stocked up.

I had a good run and ended up doing 14 miles all together. I ran back to Jackie’s and she gave me a 3 pack of mars bars and mars bar milkshake for beating my PB at the Balloch to Clydebank half marathon. Yum! When I got back tot he flat, I saw an old friend I know from swimming teaching: Elaine. She takes classes for the ‘Running Network’ and she was running past with a small group. She stopped to chat, then I started running with her for a bit so she didn’t lose her group. Running is a funny thing. 🙂

Look at my heart rate for the run…. it actually seemed to go down for the time I was running with Jackie. It’s nice to run at her pace and get the chat. My bestest running buddy.

Run: 14 miles, 2 hours, Pace: 8:33, Calories: 1,391.
Ave HR: 142 (75%), Max HR: 164 (86%)
Time until the Lochaber Marathon: 2 weeks 1 day.

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