Wk12 – 4M easy run around Clyde bridges

Monday night and I kind of wasn’t in the mood for a run, but as usual, I was glad I went.  I went to the Drs after work.  My cold has been hanging around for a fortnight now… and although I usually let these things fizzle out, with the marathon looming in under two weeks I think it needs a bit of a helping hand to get on its way.

I phoned my brother (GP) on Sunday night for a chat and he said that if someone came into him with a cold that they’d had for two weeks and they were doing a marathon in two weeks, he’d definately prescribe them an anti biotic.  So I went to my GP.  I’ve now got a week’s supply of penicillin. 😀

Fingers crossed it’s just what I need to clear up my nose/throat.  I can still run, but I’m not at my peak…so this will hopefully help me get back to normal.

Anyway… the 4 mile run for Monday night was around the Clyde Bridges.  Nice and flat.  We decided we’d do the usual back to front for the first time ever.  It’s a good way to mix things up and change the routine a bit.

The weather was pleasant, and not too cold.  I think its turning for the worst later this week though…. rain and lots of it. 😦

Run: 4M, 35 mins, Pace: 8:42, Calories: 406.
Forgot to put my heart rate monitor on!
Time until Lochaber Marathon:  1 week 6 days.
340 mile challenge:  331 miles completed, 9 to go. 😀

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