Wk38 – 5M Winter Series with Gill

I should have realised the warning signs of ‘gremlins not wanting me to train’ last night when I walked home and went into my flat, rather than going straight to my car to go to the pool.  I told myself that I’d go swimming at 6pm… but didn’t make it.  I opted instead for some punishment of housework including a pile of ironing, then some dinner.  That’s two night in a row I’ve avoided a swim – tut tut!  😉

Thursday morning however I managed to get out of bed ok to meet Gill at Bella again.  It was dark when I got up, but it was getting light as we started our run at 6:38am.  It was pretty warm, as I’d expected it to be: 14’C my car said! Roasting! It’s not to last though – a bit cold front is coming in… maybe rain at the weekend. 😦

Today I wore my shorts, a t-shirt and decided I’d wear a knee support I’ve had for ages to make sure my knee was kept warm.  The last few runs I’ve done I’ve noticed a slight niggle when I run and my knee(s) get cold. 

I either need to wear a support to keep it warm, like I did today, or wear longer shorts or 3/4 length trousers.  The support worked wonders this morning anyway.  Kept my knee nice and warm – it worked a treat!  Although it is a little big as I bought and wore it a few years ago when I was a bit bigger!  It’ll do to keep my knee warm just now when I run.  Look – it’s personalised… LP  😉

Gill had mentioned the day before that she should really do some speedwork on the track, but she found it so boring, so I suggested we could do some speedwork on the 5 mile route we do.

The plan was, warm up with 6 minutes running, then run fast for 2 minutes, recover for 1.  Gill did the first two splits, then needed the 3rd one to recover for 4 minutes.  Then we started again, and on some times when we were due to run fast for 2 minutes, we recovered (for 4 mins before starting again).  Gill struggled a bit, and stopped a few times after the fast work as she was really working hard, but she did well to keep it together and ran fast over the last quarter of a mile or so.

We did maybe 10 repeats of running fast for 2 minutes and finished in a rather respectable 47:21.  Gill had stopped a few times to recover, but overall she did well.  I think we maybe went out a little too fast, but she still managed a steady minute mile pace until the 5th mile.  Her 6th fastest run out of 11. 🙂  I really think she’s doing well, although I know she probably felt this morning was tough.

I think if we run next week, we’ll take it steady – maybe 9 minute miles, aim to finish fast, and the week after that try some more speedwork with more recovery – maybe 1 minute run, 2 minutes recovery, or 2 and 4.

Run: 5 miles, 47:21, Pace: 9:28, 6.3mph, Calories: 390.
Ave HR: 139 (73%), Max HR: 157 (83%). Training Effect: 2.8

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