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Today’s quote… about run/walking…

I thought I’d add a little quote I like on here today.  In the context of beginner runners who are run walking to start themselves off: ‘Run until you feel tired…walk until you feel guilty. ‘  Danny Dryer, author of Chi Running Here’s … Continue reading

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What an extra 20 calories a day will do…

I’m listening to an audiobook just now that my Dad recommended me: Why we get fat and what to do about it by Gary Taubes. Here’s an interesting bit from it. 20 calories. Just an extra 20 calories, a bite … Continue reading

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My weight since I started training (June 2008)

In 3 years, I’ve lost nearly a sixth of my weight!!  Since I started exercising properly (June 2008), I’ve lost nearly 11kg, down to 55.9kg and I’m not losing any more (19.8 BMI).  I’ve maintained that weight since March. (The … Continue reading

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Wk37 – 5M winter series with Gill

Thursday morning I met Gill at Bella for a 5 mile run.  My knee had niggled a little on Monday morning (I think partly because my knees were cold as they weren’t covered in the autumnal temperatures)… so I decided … Continue reading

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Pool Etiquette!

Pool Etiquette Overview Experienced drivers know that roads are safer and more efficient when everyone observes a few common courtesies and basic rules. Such things are even more important when there are no explicit signs or signals to tell everyone … Continue reading

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Wk37 – Swim Session 2 + 500m

Wednesday night… straight to Bella after work to do Swim Session 2, plus another 20 lengths to round it up to 100 (2500m). Swim Session 2 + 20 lengths; 2,500m, 100 lengths. Time: 51:01. Warm up: 200m FC swim, 200m … Continue reading

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Chicago Half Marathon Race Certificate

The clever little people who organised the Chicago Half Marathon have provided a ‘virtual race certificate’ via their website. To get one, you go here:  Then enter your race number (1926 for me) and your name.  🙂 You can … Continue reading

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5 mile Winter route from Bella

Gill and I need a new 5 mile route from Bellahouston which doesn’t go through any parks, and is well lit for our weekly 5 mile runs… I’ve come up with this one and will try it with her tomorrow: … Continue reading

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Wk37 – Insanity Day 25

Wednesday morning and I met Gill at Bella.  We haven’t met for a few weeks as I’ve been on holiday and she ‘overdid’ it on a work night out which knocked her out for A WEEK!  :-O This week is … Continue reading

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64 length easy to remember swim plan

My friend Fit Girl has just started swimming again and she found it hard to remember to keep count of her lengths. I’ve been doing it for a while (swimming and swim training) so I’ve figured my own way of … Continue reading

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